Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete is a very versatile flooring solution that comes in many different colors and effects. The stain isn’t like a paint that sits on the surface; it permeates the surface, creating a deep, rich color. There are different techniques to stain the concrete available in many different colors to give your floors an antiqued look. Properly stained floors will never crack chip or peel, and our team of professionals has years of experience to guarantee that your floors are done correctly and are built to last. Stained concrete floors are easily maintained and can go in many different areas. Residential, commercial, or industrial is no problem for our team, and they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings! Let’s dive a little deeper into everything you need to know about stained concrete floors!

All the Great Things About Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete is a beautiful floor option that has many different color options to choose from. They hold the same durable properties as traditional concrete floors and are environmentally friendly! There are many other benefits to stained concrete than its beauty. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings from kitchens to patios, our team will have you covered! Be sure to call Concrete Patio Maryland, for your stained concrete needs.

The Benefits Of Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete is a durable flooring that can withstand everything that traditional concrete can. The stain will never crack, chip, or peel and is guaranteed to last for years. Stained concrete floors can be sealed with an epoxy or urethane coating to preserve the floor’s finish and beauty.


The application of stain to concrete is extremely affordable, especially in larger areas. Industrial plants and commercial buildings can greatly benefit from the cost-effectiveness of this flooring because of their size. This flooring is also cost-effective because it can be used on new concrete, but is typically used on the concrete already there..

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Attractive Finish

One of the main benefits, as well as factors that make this flooring great, is its beauty. There are many colors available to choose from that can go with any home or business decor. You can choose an acid-based stain or a water-based stain, which can both yield different designs.

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Locations to Use Stained Concrete

There are many places that you can have a concrete stain applied. This material is strong enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Stained concrete is popular in homes for living rooms and kitchens to give a rustic look. Stained concrete is often used to give beauty outside for driveways, patios, and pool decks.

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There are many places you can have stained concrete placed that make a beautiful addition to your home or business. In these next few sections, we’re going to look deeper into where stained concrete can be applied.

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Indoor and Outdoor Use

Stained concrete is a beautiful addition in both indoor and outdoor areas. In outdoor areas, stained concrete is used to bring beauty to patios, walkways, and driveways, increasing your curb appeal. They can also be used in addition to stamped concrete to mimic high-end materials making them even more customizable. Stained concrete has become popular inside more homes over the years, especially since it can make your floors look antiqued, giving a rustic feel.

Residential Stained Concrete

Residential stained concrete can include both indoor and outdoor concrete. Stained concrete has become increasingly popular in home areas like kitchens and living rooms and is guaranteed to be the talk of any get-together. These beautiful floors immediately make a statement and can be personalized in many different ways. The color options for these floors are endless, and depending on the type of stain, acid-based or water-based, can create a whole new look in your home.

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Commercial Stained Concrete

Commercial stained concrete is trendy now more than ever! Businesses have fallen in love with the looks and versatility of these floors! The great thing about these floors being used in a commercial setting is that these places won’t have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Stained concrete has all the great benefits of traditional concrete and, unlike paints, will never peel, chip, or crack. These floors are easily maintained and can be a very cost-effective choice for many businesses.

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Industrial Stained Concrete

It may not be the first thought, but stained concrete can be used in industrial settings to create beautiful and durable flooring. In places such as distribution centers, manufacturing warehouses, and aircraft hangar flooring, stained concrete can give a touch of beauty with all the benefits of traditional concrete floors. These floors are just as durable as original concrete and offer a deep, penetrating color that will never peel or chip lasting for years to come.

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Everything You Need To Know About Stained Concrete

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Acid-Based Stains

There are two main types of stain for concrete, one of which is an acid-based stain. Acid-based stains are well known for the marbling effect they have on floors due highly in part to the chemical reaction that takes place. Acid-based stains are well known for their earth tones hues, and the finished design is all dependant on the chemical reaction that takes place.

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Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains are another design option for stained concrete. This stain doesn’t involve chemicals or any type of chemical reaction to give its color or design. With water-based stains, you have the opportunity to incorporate more vibrant colors in a better-controlled environment. With water-based stains, you can choose how solid or opaque you want your flooring by either adding or taking away the water content used for the stain.

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The Cost of a Stained Concrete Floor

The cost of stained concrete can vary widely on many different factors. The area and size that is going to be stained can cause for a different price as well as the method and colors used. A single stain with minimal surface prep can run anywhere from $2-$4 per square feet. As the contractor does the quote, different factors come into play: the amount of prep work needed and the design you want to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can All Concrete Be Stained?

Yes! All concrete can be stained no matter if its indoors or outdoors, even concrete countertops can be stained. The biggest factor in deciding whether the concrete is a good candidate for staining is the concrete condition. Old and new concrete can be stained, but the concrete needs to be assessed to see if sealers, glues, or curing agents have been used, which can inhibit the stains from penetrating properly and not dispursing color evenly. Prep work can be done to get your concrete ready for the staining process, but it’s best to know that the more prep work that will need to be done will increase the price.


How Do I Maintain Stained Concrete?

One of the best things about stained concrete is that it is easily maintained and cleaned. Unlike paint, it won’t peel or chip away, but some areas can become worn due to foot traffic or weather exposure. There are steps to take to prevent this from happening. When it comes to outdoor areas, choose good outdoor sealers to lock in the color, and protect it further. Indoors you should opt for a good wax! Keep your stained concrete clean with a good dust mop and the occasional wet mop with a pH-neutral cleaner.