Stamped Concrete Driveways

Stamped Concrete Driveways

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Concrete Patio Maryland is the company you can trust for all your stamped concrete driveway needs! This type of driveway can be made unique by different colors and patterns or used to mimic the look of other high-end materials. Wood, brick, and stone are just some of the materials that stamped concrete can recreate at a fraction of the cost! Stamped concrete driveways are durable and withstand the traffic and load of your vehicle. This driveway material is easily maintained, and all it takes its a broom, spray with the hose for tougher dirt and remember to reseal once a year, and it’ll last you for 20 years or more! Call us today to get started on your new stamped concrete driveway!

Wood, Brick, or Natural Stone

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There are many different stamps and patterns, there are three main stamps that stand out above the rest. Wood, brick, and natural stone are arguably the most popular patterns when it comes to stamped concrete. In combination with stain, these stamps will look identical to their more costly counterparts. Wood, brick, and natural stone can be excellent materials, but they require a high cost to maintain or a high cost to install.

The Most Popular Patterns For Your Driveway

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Stamped concrete to look like hardwood is a very unique style and would be very unique as a driveway material. Guaranteed to turn heads, this stamp has become trending among stamped concrete designs. A hardwood-like driveway would increase the curb appeal of your home with its beauty but increase the property value as well.


Brick is a beautiful material that can come in many beautiful shades, but it can be costly to have installed. Not only that, but it also takes time literally laying your driveway brick by brick. Stamped concrete takes the hard work out of bricklaying and gives you the same great look for your driveway at a lower cost!

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Natural Stone

Natural Stone is a beautiful material coming in a wide variety of colors and shapes to bring a more natural look to your driveway. This material can be costly, but with stamped concrete, it doesn’t have to be! With stamped concrete, we can recreate the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost!

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Stamped Concrete Goes beyond Just Beauty! Find Out the Many Benefits of Stamped Concrete!

Color and Pattern Options

There are unlimited color and pattern combinations you can achieve with stamped concrete. You can opt for a more natural look allowing stamped concrete to mimic the look of brick, wood, slate, or natural stone and color it accordingly or go for blue bricks. The colors and patterns are entirely up to you. These colors are guaranteed to last with proper maintenance and will never peel, chip, or crack as paints do.

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Choosing the colors and patterns of your stamped concrete driveway is a great way to increase your curb appeal and bring the outdoor decor of your home together.

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Stamped concrete driveways are meant to last for a long time, especially with proper maintenance and care! These driveways can keep your home looking beautiful for 20 years or more! Stamped concrete driveways can hold up to the pressure of vehicles coming in and out all day, kids playing, and even RV parking. Stamped concrete driveways aren’t susceptible to sinking as you’d see with individual pavers. Stamped concrete is strong and durable, making it last!

Quick Installation

Stamped concrete can be installed in no time! Unlike pavers and brick that have to be laid one at a time, stamped concrete goes down as a slab and is quickly made to look like the chosen design. There will never have to be any fitting different shapes or sizes into the form of your driveway. We simply pour, stamp, and enjoy!

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Low Maintenance

You can keep the maintenance of your home to a minimum with stamped concrete driveways. To take care of your driveway and keep it clean, all you have to do is keep it swept regularly and spray it down with the hose if it ever appears to have stricter dirt and grime. You’ll never have to worry about deep cleaning and scrubbing to keep stamped concrete clean, and there are no special cleaners to buy. A sealer once a year keeps your driveway looking great!

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Stamped concrete is an affordable option to bring beauty to your home’s outdoor area compared to the pricing of bricks and pavers. Stamped concrete can give your driveway the look of high-end materials such as brick, wood, or natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete also has easy maintenance and cleaning, which saves money as well. This material for your driveway will not only save money but bring higher value to your home!

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Brick/Pavers Vs. Stamped Concrete

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  • These pavers cost anywhere from $10-$20 per square foot, which will add up quickly for a driveway.
  • Pavers have a lot of maintenance that is more complex than that of stamped concrete.
  • Pavers can sink over time. The worst part is they don’t have to sink in a line or groups but often in random spots of the driveway.
  • Individual pavers can take a long time to install and may have to be cut and maneuvered to fit the shape of your driveway.
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Stamped Concrete

  • Stamped Concrete typically runs around $6-$10 per square foot, that’s half of what pavers cost.
  • Maintenance is simple, only requiring a good sweep and the occasional spray off. Reseal once a year.
  • Installation is quick and easy! No individual pavers to worry about just one large slab, and you’re done!
  • Unlimited options for both colors and textures and can mimic high-end materials at a fraction of the cost.
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Choosing A Professional

Stamped concrete can be a time-consuming project if it’s just you in your back yard going at it alone. There are many steps to the process that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can really hurt your driveway and become costly to fix. Concrete Patio Maryland has 33 years of experience installing stamped concrete driveways, and we can take away the stress of installation with the snap of our fingers. We can guide you every step of the way and help you choose a beautiful stamped driveway for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Until I Can Drive On My Stamped Concrete Driveway?

Stamped concrete driveways are a quick and easy installation process that gives you a beautiful new driveway. Once the driveway is poured and stamped, it’ll need time to cure. It can take anywhere from three to seven days for it to cure. For maximum cure time, we recommend waiting the full seven days before driving on the stamped concrete.


What is the process of installing stamped concrete?

First, the concrete is poured into forms in the shape you want your driveway to be. If the color is desired, it is added to the mixture or after the mixture is poured, depending on the final look you wish to achieve. A release agent is applied to ease the removal of the texturing mats. Texturing mats are then laid to create the design until the entire slab is stamped. After this, the concrete will have to dry for 24 hours. Once it is dry, the release agent is rinsed off, and a sealer is applied to help your concrete last for years to come!