Concrete Extensions

Concrete Extensions

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Concrete extensions are a great way to give your outdoor area more space for many different reasons. You can expand your driveways, walkways, and patios to provide more room for parking or even bigger patio furniture for more entertaining. When you expand your concrete, you can have it matched to the original concrete, such as the stain or stamped design, so it can be more fluent, and you’ll never know it was ever extended. Expanding your concrete area gives an addition for more parking or entertaining while keeping the same great benefits of easy maintenance and durability. A concrete addition is a simple process for the right professional and can be done quickly. Having a concrete addition installed not only gives you a way to utilize more space but is an affordable way to do so. Most contractors charge by the square foot, and adding more space is a simple way to get more space that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Benefits of Concrete Extensions

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There are many benefits to adding on to your existing concrete, whether it be a driveway, pool deck, walkway, or patio. When you add to these areas, you are gaining more space for parking or entertainment, but it can be made to match your previous concrete like stain and stamped concrete. This affordable extension is popular for increasing the area’s functionality and property value by giving your outdoor living space more room.

Benefits of Concrete Extensions

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When you need an extension on concrete for more outdoor living space or parking, you’ll be happy to know you can do so at an affordable price. You can use these additions anywhere on your landscaping like walkways and patios to give more room for entertaining or improving your outdoor area. Most contractors charge by the square foot making these extensions incredibly affordable.

Utilize More Space

Having an extension added to your concrete is a great way to utilize your outdoor space. You can extend your driveway to make room for more parking or for a family vehicle or to give room for a recreational area like a basketball hoop and bike riding. Concrete additions are great for patios to provide more place for bigger patio furniture to make room for more guests.

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Not only can concrete extensions give you more space for entertaining, recreation, and parking, but it can give your landscaping a whole new look. You may consider a concrete addition to your patio to make it bigger or give it a different shape to better compliment your home. A concrete addition can make your driveway wider, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look to your home.

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Concrete extensions can be tricky to work with, so you should trust in the professionals to guarantee your projects are done correctly. Our company promises to deliver exceptional work to give your concrete driveways, patios, and walkways a look you desire.

Process of A Concrete Addition

Extending your concrete is a simple task for the right professional. Not only can it be done quickly, but you’ll enjoy your new additions in no time. The first step in an addition is digging up the area where the extension will be poured. The next step involves building your forms for the extension you’re going to pour. Next, the additives are put in such as sand or gravel, and rebar is put in to place as reinforcement. Finally, concrete is poured and allowed to cure for the perfect extension.

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Typical Price of Concrete Extensions

Many factors go into the pricing of a concrete extension. The size and length of the extension play a significant role in the price because the size of a patio extension can vary significantly from a driveway extension. There also has to be considerations to other concrete styles like stained or stamped concrete that will affect the price. On average, you can expect to spend $9 per square foot for your extension, but this can fluctuate depending on designs.

Residential Concrete Extensions

You have many options when it comes to building an extension on your concrete. You can choose different lengths and widths to suit your needs and different designs as well. If your existing concrete has the look of brick because of stain and stamped concrete, you can have your concrete extension to match. When it comes to your patio space, you can use a simple concrete extension to turn your boring square patio into a round or unique designed patio to give a look of personalization to your backyard.

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Commercial Polished Concrete

Do It Yourself

When thinking of a concrete addition, it may be tempting to do the job yourself. Many homeowners think that because the addition is a shorter project than the original slab of a traditional driveway or patio that it will be easier. It is important to always hire a professional to ensure the added concrete has the same strength and durability of the original concrete its being added to.

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Hiring A Professional

Hiring a professional is essential to ensure the durability and strength of the new addition. A professional may come at a higher cost than a do-it-yourself project, but only the professionals can guarantee the job is done correctly and safely, which is well worth the price. You are limited to what you can do when you add the extension yourself, a professional can give the look of stained or stamped concrete to match the existing concrete.

There are many places you can choose to add a concrete extension.

Areas around your home can benefit greatly from concrete extensions!

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Driveways con benefit significantly from concrete additions! You can also get added space for visitors, but it can give added room for vehicle upgrades. As your family grows, so does your need for specific vehicles. A driveway that once suited your simple sedan may not be big enough for your new van or SUV. You can also enjoy driveway additions for basketball hoop installations or more room for bike riding.

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Walkways can become narrow over time the more you bring into the equation. As your family grows or you have more guests visit, your walkway can look a little slim. Your family may want to learn to ride bikes or color in chalk, and it may need an extension to make it wider. Some homeowners want to extend walkways to wrap further around the property.

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Patios are a great candidate for concrete additions for many reasons. If you do a lot of entertaining at your home, the patio can be a hotspot for guests. An extension is excellent for holding bigger furniture to accommodate more guests. You can also choose an extension to give your patio a new look like a different shape to compliment your home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can the Extension of My Concrete Match My Existing Concrete?

Concrete extensions can be made to match your existing concrete, whether its a simple broom finish or something more intricate. We can stain and stamp the concrete extension to the match of your current concrete.


Is polished concrete slippery?

Will My Concrete Extension Be As Durable As My Original Concrete?