Concrete Pouring

Concrete Pouring

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Concrete pouring can be a new project or an addition to an existing project. There are many reasons for concrete pouring and many locations; it can be done, including both indoor and outdoor settings. At Concrete Patio Maryland, our professionals have 33 years of experience in pouring concrete so we can guarantee it will be done the first time! Installing concrete can be a challenging job, and each area is different and has different needs, but you can rest assured we’re up to the task! We work with you on all your concrete pouring projects, whether new or an addition to current concrete like that of driveways and patios. Our professionals are ready to take on your concrete pouring project and give you the best.

Where concrete can be poured


The great thing about concrete is it is very versatile at where it can be applied. In outdoor areas, it can be used for patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks. This material is perfect for outdoor areas because of its low maintenance and high durability. Indoors, concrete has become a trending floor option. Whether it is traditional concrete, polished concrete, stained concrete, or stamped concrete, it has become increasingly popular and still has to have the base concrete poured.

Places That Concrete Can Be Poured

Patios and Pool Decks

Patios and Pool Decks

Concrete is the perfect material for patios and pool decks. It is an amazingly strong material that has many design options. We can pour the concrete so it can cure and have a stain applied or even pour it and apply a stamped pattern to give it the look of other materials. Concrete pool decks are popular because of all the customization that can be made as well as how well it stays cooler in the summer.

Driveways and Walkways

Concrete has become more popular than asphalt when it comes to driveways due to its easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and beauty. There are many customization options when it comes to concrete for driveways and walkways. When pouring a stamped overlay, it can be applied to give your driveways and walkways the look of high-end materials such as wood or brick. The maintenance and cleaning of concrete are better than others and can be easily repaired. .

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Indoor Areas

Poured concrete can even be used in an indoor setting! Not only is concrete a trending flooring option, but it can be poured for countertops as well. Concrete is easily maintained and cleaned indoors and is a very durable material. These floors can be kept clean by a simple dust mop or broom. If you choose to stain them, they can be mopped with a pH-neutral cleanser.

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The Benefits of Concrete Pouring

It is an economical material

A great benefit to concrete is that it is economical! Concrete can be a cost-efficient building material because it has simple and readily available ingredients. The production cost of concrete is meager, and the main ingredients are cement, water, and aggregates, which are easily found. Concrete is inexpensive and easy to get ahold of even around the world when compared to materials such as steel or polymers.

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Concrete needs to be as cost-efficient as it is because it is used for many different projects. Concrete is used as the foundation for homes and as flooring in warehouses and factories, and its best when it is at a budget-friendly price.

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It hardens at a regular temperature

Concrete doesn’t have many specifications for when it needs to be poured as far as temperatures go. It can harden at room temperature, also known as ambient temperature. Cement is the main ingredient when it comes to concrete, and it can bond at low temperatures. This can be helpful when the weather comes along or when being poured indoors because there won’t be a specific temperature that it has to be for the concrete to set and cure properly.

Ability to cast in different shapes

The freshly mixed concrete is flowable in its liquid state. You can choose many different patterns and designs, and concrete will form to them. If you want a half-circle patio to a zig-zag driveway, concrete can form those shapes because it is a flowing material in its early stages. In residential pouring, this can be an opportunity to take personalization to the next level. A lot of homeowners who have freshly poured concrete often times leave handprints as a touch of personalization

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High-Temperature Resistance

Compared to other building materials such as wood or steel, concrete is more resistant to high temperatures than these materials. Calcium Silicate Hydrate is the main binding agent in concrete and can withstand temperatures of up to 910 Celsius. Concrete is a bad conductor of heat and can store a good amount from its environment. When it comes to its resistance, it can withstand heat for 2-6, enabling fire personal to evacuate and execute fire rescues.

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Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is an environmentally friendly material that is used more often because of this fact. When concrete is poured, there is no guesswork for what is needed. The area has measurements taken, and then the product is mixed and poured, not leaving behind any additional materials. No waste goes into pouring concrete like there are with other materials such as hardwood or tile. You never have to worry about concrete filling up a landfill.

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Hiring a Professional Vs. DIY

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  • There have to be exact measurements made, so pouring concrete leaves no room for error.
  • Doing it yourself, more often, water is added to make it “look right” and not mixing it properly can bring on cracks.
  • It needs to be level because it ensures there aren’t parts that are too deep to evenly and adequately dry.
  • There must be a form made to outline where the concrete is being poured, like a slab that’s too big.
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Hiring a Professional

  • They can ensure the concrete is mixed correctly to its optimal consistency. They can make sure it won’t be too solid or too liquid.
  • They can take proper measurements to guarantee that the forms are made correctly and calculate the appropriate drying and curing times.
  • Professionals can make the call that if your concrete needs reinforcements like rebar, it can be installed.
  • Professionals can add decorative stamps and other concrete finishes.
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Why The Professionals Are The Best Choice

The professionals at Concrete Patio Maryland come to you with 33 years of experience to guarantee that your concrete is poured correctly and cared for from the beginning to the end of the process. Our professionals take all the guesswork out of pouring concrete with exact measurements for both your project and the concrete itself. We offer each project safety to make sure your project is done the right way as safely as possible and at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Concrete Be Repaired After It Is Poured?

Although concrete is a sturdy material, it can have its faults. Over time, concrete can crack, chip, or become discolored. When this happens, rest assured there is a way to fix it! The most popular and cost-efficient method is concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing smoothes over these blemishes making for a quiet, newer concrete area that can bring life back to your space! This isn’t strictly an outdoor fix, it can be done to your indoor concrete to ensure you get the most from your floors, and it lasts for years to come!


What Is The Process Of Pouring Concrete?

Before concrete is poured, the area needs to be cleaned and cleared. This means getting rid of any shrubbery, grass, trees, rocks, or old concrete that may get in the way and starting with a new dirt foundation. Most often, a sub-base is recommended and will be placed and compacted over the entire area. Then, forms made of wood, plastic, or metal are placed. Wood is most commonly used and should be set to allow for easy removal after it is cured. Finally, the wet concrete is poured. The team then uses shovels, rakes, and come along to move the concrete around to ensure there are no voids or air bubbles. A screeding process then takes place to give a smooth, level finish, and then floating takes place.